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CUMIS Home & Auto Insurance

CUMIS & Food For Life

CUMIS employees tend a garden to donate produce to Food for Life every week.

Cumis Auto Insurance Phone Number

Cumis Auto Insurance Phone Number


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CUMIS P.O. Box 5065, 151 North Service Road Burlington, ON L7R 4C2

Auto Insurance - CUMIS

CUMIS provides exceptional value-added auto insurance for vehicles stolen or damaged as the result of an accident. Auto insurance also takes care of expenses if you're involved in an accident including: medical treatment and care, possible legal costs, property damage and lost wages.

CUMIS Auto & Home Insurance Program

CUMIS Insurance Employees ... Number of auto claims made in the past 10 years? If you are unable to recall the exact number, give it your best guess ... Phone Number Day of Week. Time Anytime 9am-12pm 12pm-5pm 5pm-9pm. Address City ...

Review of Cumis Auto Insurance

A Cumis auto insurance review uncovered a Canadian outfit designed to protect credit unions. As a subsidiary of CUNA Mutual Group, or Credit Union National Association , founded in 1935, this company was established in 1960.

CUMIS Auto & Home Insurance Program

CUMIS Insurance Employees ... Call 1-800-810-2847 and learn how your credit union can join the CUMIS Home & Auto Insurance Program. Close Sorry. Sorry. The postal code appears to not be in the correct format. Please try again. ... The number of years at the home you are insuring. more...