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Face Art

This Is How To Draw A Face:

Face Art1. Use two colored chalk pastels for this art.
2. Draw a big oval that takes up your whole page.
3. Draw one line through the middle of it.
4. Draw a line through almost the middle cutting it in half.
5.  Draw two other lines (where the nose and mouth will be like in my picture).
6. Draw eyes right under the first line.  When you draw the middles of the eyes be careful to leave a little white spot to make it look like it’s shining.
7. Put little blobs of color where the nose should be and smudge it all around.
8. Draw a “c” side-ways for a nose and two circles for holes.
9. Draw an upper lip on the third line.
10. Draw some shading just beneath where the bottom lip should be.
11. Draw and smudge in some shadows on the cheeks.
12. Draw a neck.
13. Draw in some hair.
14. Add in a different color.


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  1. Alyson Swift Oct 1st 2010

    That’s very well done especially for her age! Good job Keziah!

  2. admin Oct 1st 2010


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