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Egyptian Mask

1. First draw a big U for the face.
2. Draw a neck and draw a curved line through it.
3. Then draw head covering.
4. Put stripes on it and add a stripe going across at the top of the U.
5. Draw the eyes but no color around them because this is just a mask.
6. Draw a triangle for the nose.
7. Draw dark triangles coming out of each eye so they are pointing outward.
8. Draw ears and erase the the stripes from the ears.
9. Draw an oval and a line through it for the lips.
10. Draw a thin long rectangle over the top of the headdress.
11. Draw thick, dark eye-brows.
12. Color the stripes on the headdress in a pattern of blue,yellow, blue… until it’s done.
13. Color the stripe on the top of the face any color you want it. Also color the rectangle on the top any color.
14. Color the eyebrows and triangles by the eyes black.
15. Color the face and ears all brown, even over the mouth.
16. Lightly color red over the mouth.
17. Color the strip on the neck blue and the rest of the neck yellow. You’re done!

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