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Valentine Cat Craft

1.  Make a big heart.  If you want your heart to be like mine make a word splash here:
Valentine Heart Cat Craft2.  Print it.  Cut your word splash into a heart shape.
3.  Then you make a head.  Draw a nose, whiskers, eyes and mouth on it.  You can color them if you like.  Use pink paper.
4.  Make 2 triangles that fit the head as ears.  Cut two smaller triangles to go inside.  Use pink and red paper.
5.  Cut 4 oval shapes for paws.  Put two dots at the top of them and one sideways oval at the bottom.  Use red paper.
6.  Cut out a tail.  It may take a couple of tries to get a good one.  Use pink paper.
7.  Then glue the word splash on a piece of paper or a paper bag. Tuck the face so the cat’s mouth is in the middle of the heart.
8.  Put the big triangles and little triangles on to fit the cat’s head.
9.  Then glue the paws on; two near the top and two near the bottom.
10.  Then slip the tail near a bottom paw.
11.  You can cut out the cat or use the bag to hold your valentines!

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  1. What a cute Valentine Cat! I especially like the way that the cat seems to be looking right at me. Having a word splash on the big heart is a great idea!

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